Solar roof energy cycle

        To enable every house to have a powerhouse, which gives the house a great aesthetic overall appearance. On the other hand covers the energy supply of the house as completely as possible. Energy, however, means not only electricity, but also heating energy. Photovoltaic yes, but with aesthetics.

        The SolteQ goal:> 80% electricity autarky and 100% heating autarky

Hard to believe. The technology has no wear and is absolutely maintenance-free. And that 50 or 100 years and probably more.

house roof

Weatherproof roof covering

100% water proof

future house model with electric car

Covers your electricity needs

Ample power to 100% coverage of
your electricity requirement

The Solteq energy roof is not only stylish but it is full of energy. Why have blue photovoltaic panels on your roof, when you can have a beautiful stylish SolteQ roof!?

heating costs

Covers your heating requirement

Heating and hot water supplier

The SolteQ energy roof generates not only electricity, but also heating energy. This is why it is an "energy roof". The entire roof area is used as a large thermal collector area in addition to the photovoltaic system.

woman smiling while holding saved money

Cost-effective and a great look

Generates cost savings on like a normal roof

The roof that not only looks great, but generates so much energy that it can make energy bills a thing of the past.

different colors and shapes of roof tiles

Color and shape selection

SolteQ roofing tiles: rich in color and shapes

The tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles. Curved roof dugouts? Cladding? All of this is possile with the SolteQ technology. .

roof under construction

Easy construction

The installation of the tiles is a very simple process

Because our roofs consist of roof tiles, they are simple and cost effective to install and therefore have significant advantages of a conventional building integrated photovoltaic system.

        Cover your complete energy needs via your roof! We will help you. Great looks combined with the latest technology: The new energy roof with small, stylish roof tiles! No need for a second roof skin made of photovoltaic modules! Why not use PV tiles as roofing solution as energy sources?

The SolteQ Quad PV Roof Tile product line is suitable for inclinations from 3 ° to 90 °. Even with a roof pitch as low as 3 ° the roof will remain water tight and still have sufficient fall for effective rainwater drainage. Essentially all roofs and even vertical walls can be covered with the SolteQ PV tiles or facades, providing both a great look combined with huge amounts of energy. SolteQ Quad PV Tile – Multi functional and Stylish.

illustration of roof tiles

        One roof - 5 functions:

        About the product:

blue solar roof tile

Quad Economy

The entry level roof tile

This is the low cost entry to the photovoltaic energy.

solar roof tile


The premium model with slate-look

"Anthracite" is the classic colortone, which is universal and timeless. An anthracite-colored roof is an excellent choice for most types of houses and designs.

solar roof tile


With genuine 24 carat gold leaf striped

The energy roof for the discerning customer

solar roof tile


Another premium model with slate look, without the pin stripes

The exclusive model "Anthracite" in its perfect form: black cells, without silver strips.

solar roof tile


The mediterranean look

Terracotta is the ultimate look for roofs in mediterranean regions where conventionals photovoltaic systems are unacceptable.

solar roof tile

PowerRoof 170

The SolteQ power roof for the modern house and industrial building

Available in different colors.
Format: 161x70 cm

solar roof tile


Where a more conventional slab look is required

These tiles are particulary well suited to be used in conjunctiuon with real sled tiles.
The tiles are simply mounted by means of 1x storm hook and two screws.

solar roof tile

Roof tile series beaver

The roof tile well suited to historical buildings

A tile that will protect a historical building and also provides energy production. Approved by historical  building protection authority

solar roof facade

„Wave-Series“ for roof and facade

The "wave design" for your home

Natural shapes and patterns - always timeless, always chic The right design for everybody: Decent shades of grey...

eight different roof facades

„Wave-Series“, colorful

The „Wave design“ for your home

... or happy and colorful. Format: 34x38 cm

0 mm
solid prismatic safety glass

Stronger and more stable than conventional roofing


More yield than conventional photovoltaics

1kW makes

Which you can use for your heating and electricity needs

0m colors

choose from a wide variety

Return on investment

Your roof is an investment, not expenses.

SolteQ have a roof tile that’s suitable for all buildings! With its comprehensive range of sizes, shapes and colours SolteQ have tiles that are ideally suited for use in the renovation of listed buildings, buildings that would otherwise not be able to take advantage of the benefits of conventional PV systems due to three main factors, visual impact, physical size and weight. But this is not the case with SolteQ tiles, even dormers, projections and other special features can be easily addressed, thanks to the small and flexible format of the PV tiles and accessories.

-> electricity + heating completely from roof!
The heat energy is extracted under the tiles via an additional heat pump and fed into the heating system.
Thanks to the various great looking tiles in the SolteQ range, it is now possible for the first time to provide energy for listed buildings that, for aesthetic reasons, could not previously be covered with PV modules.
Normal roof tiles or shingles have a weight of 50-80 kg per square meter, slate Is even heaver. A SolteQ Quad PV roof shingle weighs only 3.3 kg. This results in a weight of only about 14 kg per square metre.

  Especially important for listed buildings:

  • Fire Prevention
  • Energy roof with factory
  • Integrated fire station switch
  • SolteQ-BFA-safety shutdown fore fire brigade and maintenance

SolteQ roofing and facade slabs

Series ,,Infinity''
Roof tile weight only 19kg/ m2
The standard dimension size for these slabs is 54x54 cm. However it can be produced in a variety of sizes with different cover options. Please contact us for further details.

solar roof facade

Facade ECO - Black

37 x 98 - Black

solar roof facade

Facade ECO - Terracotta

37 x 98 - Teracotta

solar roof facade

Facade ECO - Silver Gray

37 x 98 - Silvergray

solar roof facade

Facade ECO - Petrol

37 x 98 - Petrol

solar roof facade

Facade ECO - Forest green

37 x 98 - Forestgreen

solar roof facade

Design by your vision

A x B - Your dimensions..

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